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How to Freshwater Fish Like a Pro: OK, I Got This One

How to Freshwater Fish Like a Pro: OK, I Got This One

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Freshwater Fishing (2015)

From the jacket:

With this “how-to” guide, readers will learn all the basic knowledge of freshwater fishing and what essentials are needed to making a first time fishing experience a success. From supplies and safety to picking a spot and actually fishing, readers will learn what’s needed to become a skilled freshwater fisherman!

How To Freshwater Fish Like A Pro written by Jeff Burlingame

OK, this title is a little more realistic. Professional campers may not be a thing, but there are professional fishermen. And while I am not one, I have fished alongside a few of them and I also have logged enough hours plunking in lakes, streams, and rivers to have acquired some levels of “professional” expertise. Now how to translate a lifetime of knowledge into a “how-to guide” for others?

It was easy. I talked about the differences between saltwater and freshwater and the types of fishing you can do in each. I talk about seasons, licensing, how to read the water, types of fish, and conservation. What type of rods and reels do you need for each place? Then when you’ve got the gear, how do you use it?

Catch or release? And if catch, how do you prepare and cook?

This was a fun book to write and one I have shared with others with young kids. I don’t think it is by any means my best piece of writing, but it wasn’t intended to be. The book was published by an imprint of a larger publishing house. The imprint launched in 2013 and ceased to exist by 2014. Thus, there was no promotion or marketing of this text. Or at least very little. Someone still is printing the book, however. But the sales numbers never will be anything close to what I have seen in the past.

But I did get to do some fishing in the name of work.

Coming tomorrow: Moon Olympic Peninsula (Second Edition) 

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