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Jennifer Lawrence: A Hunger for Normalcy

Jennifer Lawrence: A Hunger for Normalcy

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Jennifer Lawrence (2014)

This entertaining celebrity biography will capture adolescent interest and provide suitable nonfiction material for classroom and personal reading.

That is what Barnes & Noble’s Children Literature reviewer said about the book. And Book Buzz said it is:

“… a biography that students will enjoy.”

That last one is simple, but I consider it a great complement. Here was a subject I was far less than passionate about–I had not seen any Hunger Games movies prior to writing this book, for example–yet I was able to study and translate my knowledge into something someone who reviews books for a living believes “students will enjoy.”

Unless circumstances dramatically change, this likely will be the last biography I write for the YA market. No tabloid-worthy reason for that, just that I have moved on. I will elaborate more on this in a future post, I am sure.

Meantime, back to Jennifer Lawrence. Below is one of the passages that endeared me to her (or endeared her to me, I can never remember the proper usage of that word). She is in the tabloids constantly and has her fair share of scandals, yet she still does a decent job under her circumstances of adhering to her professed goal of living a normal life:

Jennifer has told many interviewers that ultimately she just wants to live as normal a life as a big movie star can. Her acting successes may have placed her under bright lights, but she still wants to be able to turn those lights off at the end of the day. As she told Bang Showbiz, “I see my future the same as I did when I was a little girl … having a family and being a mom.”

The important things in life.

Coming tomorrow: How to Camp Like a Pro


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